Every once in a while we are given the opportunity to get out of the studio and into an environment where we can share our experiences (and sheep stories) with other people.
Invariably we meet new friends and get to visit fascinating places. 

We are fiber artists now because of the outreach of a woman
who volunteered to spin for a group of little girls back in the 1960's.

We never know when or where a new sheep and wool enthusiast will blossom. 
So when we can - we pay it forward.
This little guy was just given a piece of Lamborghini's roving - and he's delighted!
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We used to love to give
shearing demonstrations when
the flock was ready for a trim.

Ever wonder what to do with a
'fresh off of the sheep' fleece?

Click here for our wool washing tutorial.
Um...is that a feather stuck in that spinning wheel?

Well, yes it is.  It came to us that way.

Click here to hear more about our restoration of the
Barrier Islands Center Museum's
Cobb Island spinning wheel.

Visitors to the Barrier Islands Center Museum learn about
Ten Good Sheep's restoration of the Cobb Island spinning wheel.
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